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Special:LVA-Beschreibung hinzufügen


This page allows you to create a new description of a course at the university, you simply have to fill out these few fields and hit "Create":
  • university: The university where the course is/was held.
  • title: The full title of the course (you may want to search TISS for it, if it was held at the TU of Vienna)
  • type: The type of the course
  • professor(s): name one or more professors that held this particular course.
    • Always name the "official" head of the course as shown in TISS
    • You may also name additional people that are visible in that course as well
  • optional info: In this optional field you can give additional information if a course is held several times and the courses are commonly distinguished with other phrases.

university: course-title: type: professor(s): optional info:
e.g. "Mathematik 1" e.g. "Karigl"